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Choose the Right Glass for your Property with Wallington Glass

At Wallington Glass, we supply and fit all kinds of glass products, mirrors and glass types for domestic and commercial properties in London and the South East of England.

With so much choice of styles and designs to choose from, you may find yourself stuck on what is the best option for you. We have made it simple for you with a break down of what we have to offer and what the benefits of each product are.

Glass Products

Take a look at the different glass products we offer which can be completely cut to size to fit perfectly into your home. Each of our glass products has something different to offer adding an element of style and charm to your living space.

Coloured Glass Splashbacks

The Coloured Glass Splashbacks are great stylish pieces that are not only practical but are extremely stylish bringing a burst of colour into your kitchen.

What it has to offer:

Shower Screens

Prevent water from escaping onto your floor with our shower screens. Speak with our team to create the best shower screen for you.

What it has to offer:

Table Tops

Add an element of sophistication with our glass table tops. For both domestic and commercial spaces, these table tops ideal for adding another layer to your table increasing its durability.

What it has to offer:


We can make glass shelves to the exact size and shape needed. All our glass shelves are highly durable making them ideal for any room.

What it has to offer:

Glass Mirrors

At Wallington Glass, we have two types of stylish mirrors that can be cut to your exact needs. It is entirely up to you on the shape and size of your mirror. Both contemporary mirrors can be designed exclusively to you, so speak with our professional glaziers and they will be able to provide you with the perfect mirror for your living space.

Polished Mirrors

he sleek polished mirror will be a great focal point for whatever room you decide to place it.

What it has to offer:

Bevelled Mirrors

Known for its polished frame appearance, this elegant Bevelled mirror will look stunning in any room.

What it has to offer:

Types of Glass

Not sure which glass would work best in your office or home? We have simplified it for you with five different types of glass that work in different ways to bring personality and provide security. Speak with the experts at Wallington Glass for the best type of glass for your property.


Why not bring your style and apply it to our glass work? With our patterned glass, you can have whatever design you desire.

What it has to offer:


Used in doors, glass stairs and shop fronts, the laminated glass is popular due to its robust qualities. At Wallington Glass, we can cut to size the exact piece you need so it fits perfectly in its frame.

What is has to offer:


The toughened glass is a much cheaper option than other glass options and would generally be the one offered to you.

What is has to offer:

Georgian Wired

Georgian Wired Glass is typically found in commercial properties as it is known for its safety features. The wire inside holds the fragments together should the glass ever break to reduce injury.

What else it has to offer:


Horticultural glass is commonly used on greenhouses as the light and heat that enters provides a better environment for the plants.

What it offers:

With Wallington Glass, we can help find the right glass for you. From our mirror range to our types of glasswork, there are many to choose from. Our team has gained many years’ experience in supplying and fitting glass for both domestic and commercial properties. If you need our glaziers urgently, we offer a 24-hour call out service in areas across Greater London and the South East of England.

Call us today on 020 8669 9123 and our team will be happy to help.