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Double Glazing Repairs Ashford Kent (TN23) – Repairs and Replacement Window Installation by Experts

Here at Wallington Glass, our window repair and replacement experts have a wide range of window repair services on offer. For us, no job is too big to deal with, or too small to take seriously. Whether it is something as minimal as a cracked window, or significant issues like an entire smashed window or misting within your double glazing, our experts can help. Our specialists are able to repair every required feature of your window, from just the glass and glazing itself, to including the matching hardware.

Do you have a poorly performing window that is constantly letting draughts through gaps, or leaks from small holes? We understand that this will make your home an uncomfortable place to be – and it can also lead to more problems, like mould or damp, if it is not fixed promptly. If you have damaged or broken window hardware, your home will also be facing a security risk from vandals and burglars who could see this as a target.
If you have broken windows on your property, burglars are not the only thing you need to worry about. In order to prevent dangerous mould from appearing, and to create a more comfortable environment to live in, get in touch with our experts today.

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For a free consultation, cost estimate/quote and to book a glazier callout, please call now on 020 8669 9123 or request a callback at a suitable time to talk to a Wallington Glass specialist.

Efficient Double Glazing Repairs in Ashford Kent

Our window and double glazing specialists at Wallington Glass pride themselves on offering the highest quality service for double glazing windows in Ashford Kent. We’re the number one choice for double glazing companies in Ashford Kent, and the wider UK. Our years of experience allow us to complete any repair and replacement job quickly and efficiently.
If you’ve got extensive damage to windows, such as completely smashed windows due to vandalism or a break-in, we can take measurements and order the new window for you. In the meantime, we will temporarily board up the window in order to secure the property – then we’ll arrange a time with you to install your brand new window.

Get in Touch With Wallington Glass for Double Glazing Repairs Ashford

Do you have broken or smashed windows on your property? There are multiple problems that can arise if you don’t get them fixed as soon as possible. If you want to prevent mould or draughts from making your home uncomfortable, or to prevent any heightened security risks from appearing such as break-ins, get in touch with Wallington Glass today.