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24 Hour Glass, Glazing & Boarding up Service in Maida Vale

Our team at Wallington Glass specialises in the repair and replacement of shop windows in and around Maida Vale. in our 30 years’ experience, we have seen our fair share of damaged and smashed windows in both domestic and commercial properties. Whether it’s a case of vandalism at 3 am or simply an accident that occurred at home or in your store, our glaziers in Maida Vale are available around the clock to provide swift and secure window solutions to restore your property to its former appearance.

We start by boarding up your damaged windows, as we won’t be able to provide an immediate window glazing solution until we assess the damage and requirements for your new windows. Once boarded up, we can begin discussing your preferred options for replacing your damaged window.

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For a free consultation and to book a glazier callout, please call now on 020 8669 9123 or request a callback at a suitable time to talk to a Wallington Glass specialist.

Emergency Glaziers Covering Maida Vale, W9

What Happens if I Don’t Repair My Window?

Leaving your window in a state of disrepair obviously comes with a number of drawbacks. The first is that your shop or home continues to look unsightly, which will deter customers and generally lower the face value of your storefront. Additionally, failing to repair your broken or damaged window can further entice other vandals from breaking in and causing more damage. Lastly, if your window is not completely shattered but still badly damaged, it can turn into a public health and safety concern, especially if shards of glass litter the pavement.

How Long Does Window Replacement Take?

That depends on the extent of your damage. If multiple windows are damaged, we will have to board all of them up before installing a permanent solution. In most cases, we will be with you within the hour of your call and have your windows boarded up in 2 – 3 hours. Replacement window options can be discussed once we arrive on site.

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