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At Wallington Glass, we provide a made to measure service for our glass shelves designed to fit elegantly in your domestic or commercial property. Our experienced glaziers make glass bathroom shelves tailored to fit your space perfectly. Please don’t hesitate to inform us of any requirements such as the design, shape, size or level of thickness and we will be happy to design it bespoke to you with your very own ideal glass store shelves.

Our glass shelves can be designed for any room, whether that would be in the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. Our team can create special tempered glass wall shelves that are tough enough to carry slightly heavy objects. If a huge amount of pressure is applied and the glass happens to break, we have designed it to make sure it shatters into small safe pieces to avoid injury. The multi-purpose glass can also withstand a high temperature making it much safer than other options. So, if you have searched for ‘glass shelves online’ let Wallington Glass create made to measure shelves for your home or office.

Wallington Glass can create everything from a single small shelf to a bespoke glass shelf for a storage unit. If you have any particular designs or finishes you would like, our experts can make it completely tailored to you. All our glass shelves are designed with the highest of quality making sure its easy to maintain and holds its modern appearance for many years to come. Our glass shelves are fully transparent allowing the light to shine through and hit the objects from all sides. If you are looking for something slightly different, our bent glass shelves are a great option to bring your own style within your property.

With many years’ experience, we have developed a positive reputation with our customers throughout London and the UK. Our experts have made sure to deliver high-quality glass products at an affordable price in commercial or domestic properties. For a reliable supply and fit service, call Wallington Glass today, and they will be happy to help with your every need.

If you are in Greater London, Surrey, Kent, East Sussex or within areas of South East of England and need floating glass shelves or bespoke black and glass shelves, give Wallington Glass a call today on 0208 669 9123 or email us on for more information on what our experts can offer you.