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Do you need Horticultural Glass for your Greenhouse in Hampshire, Surrey or Kent? Wallington Glass are the company you need for made to measure glass for your greenhouse. Whether you need a horticultural glass replacement due to breakage, weather damage or wear and tear, we will be there to provide you with a brand-new horticultural glass at a cheap price.

Horticultural glass, also known as Greenhouse horticultural glass is the lowest price due to the low grade of glass used. Wallington glass can cut to size the exact piece needed at a 3mm horticultural glass thickness. The horticultural glass is the best glass for greenhouses as it allows for more light and heat to enter, unlike traditional glass. The higher the amount of light entering the greenhouse, the better it is for the plants. As long as you keep it clean, the glass remains clear throughout the whole of its life. Speak with the experts at Wallington Glass for more information.

During the summer months, the heat is retained to keep the plants to at an almost tropical condition. One other benefit the horticultural greenhouse glass holds is the fact that it is the most economically compared to any other glass. So, while you’re looking after your plants, you are also making a positive impact on the environment too.

At Wallington Glass, we can provide you with horticultural glass at the exact size and shape needed. The glass we use is always produced at the highest quality making sure that it lasts for many years to come. No matter if you are replacing a broken glass panel or are assembling a brand-new greenhouse, we will discuss your exact needs going forward. We will ensure that when fitting the glass, it is highly durable and structural stable so that it will last for many years.

Our experts make sure to work closely with you from the initial chat right up to the installation to make sure to we reach your every requirement and answer all your questions. We tailor our services to fulfil your needs, so speak with our team today on how you can get horticultural glass cut to the measurements you require for your greenhouse.

Wallington glass can supply and fit your horticultural glass to its desired location. To find out more information about our horticultural glass prices or any questions you may have, speak with our experts today. Call us now on 0208 669 9123 or email us at contact@wallingtonglass.co.uk.