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Bored of plain, clear glass and need something fresh and stylish instead? Want to replace your traditional glass with something that provides privacy, brings in a new style and allows for more light in your commercial or domestic property? Choose Patterned Glass at Wallington Glass today.

At Wallington Glass, there are many patterned glass types and styles that you can choose from to enhance your living space. From traditional to contemporary, the glass options are endless. Every one of our designs brings in the maximum amount of light into your home while also offering you your own desired level of privacy. The design is entirely up to you, but whatever option you choose, you can be sure that it will create a decorative feature within your living space that you can enjoy for many years to come. One other bonus for those with a smaller space is that the patterned glass is known for giving the illusion of more space within your space by dispersing light.

Our experts have many years’ experience in designing high-quality patterned glass for everyone to enjoy. Whether you want patterned glass for the bathroom, as a partition between rooms or on furniture and doors, there are many options to choose from that can be designed with a small or full amount of privacy throughout your home or office space. For the office, patterned glass can be a great added extra to maintain confidentiality within the work environment. No need to worry about it fitting in within your style, as one of the reasons why it is such a popular choice is due to the fact it can work alongside any style or design throughout the room.

At Wallington Glass, we can specifically design, supply and fit your patterned glass wherever it may need to be installed at an affordable price. No need to stick with plain clear glass, go for something that represents your style and add that to your living or work space. As an added option, Wallington Glass can combine it with laminated or toughened glass to be made into a safety glass.

Our decorative patterned glass is extremely popular in homes in Greater London, Hampshire, Kent, Sussex or Surrey. Whether you need patterned glass splashbacks or for patterned glass panels, speak with our experts at Wallington Glass today. Give us a call now on 0208 669 9123 or email us on