Stunning Polished Mirrors in Surrey

With many years supplying and fitting bespoke mirrors, we have designed hundreds of different mirrors of all different sizes, styles and shapes. Polished silver mirrors are commonly found on top of glass table tops in domestic and commercial properties. The glass is passed through a polishing machine where the wheels grind the glass on both sides making sure that the edges are no longer sharp. If you need a specific polished metal mirror, a polished chrome mirror or a polished bronze mirror, speak with the glazier experts at Wallington Glass today, and we will design a polished mirror bespoke to you.

Not only does a polished mirror look sleek but it also is a highly affordable option if you are on a budget. What is great about purchasing a flat polished edge mirror with us is that you can completely design your own mirror from the size and shape to the style and finishes. Whether you want a focal point in the living room, dining room or even in your office, we can design something completely original for you.

Polished Mirrors Cut to Size

Whether you decide to hang it landscape or portrait, the polished mirror will always look great for many years. A mirror is great at reflecting light around the room to not only make it appear much brighter but can also make the room seem larger too. Add it to your bathroom or whatever room you desire to add a decorative feature.

Every mirror we design, we make sure to use high-quality glass that looks modern and will last for many years to come. Over the years, we have gained a huge amount of knowledge and skill to produce mirrors that fits your every need.

Speak with our team today if you would like any advice and we will be happy to help. If you would prefer a traditional look, choose the polished bronze mirror or if a contemporary look is more your style, choose the polished stone mirror.

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